All products are as natural and pure as possible.  No artificial fragrance, colour, or preservatives are used in our products. Most include Yukon sourced botanicals, Most ingredients are organic. Absolutely no animal testing (unless you count friends & coworkers). All products are vegetarian. 

We believe in making products containing pure Essential Oils and natural base ingredients because we believe ingredients from nature are healthier for you and the planet.
We hand manufacture all our products by hand in small batches.

Essential Oils & Yukon Botanicals
Real plant ingredients and Essential Oils have remarkable therapeutic properties, and have been used for centuries to enhance our physical, mental and emotional states of being.  The key to producing a therapeutic-grade essential oil is to preserve as many of the aromatic compounds within the essential oils as possible. Aromatic chemicals are easily destroyed by high temperature and pressure as well as contact with chemically reactive metals, such as copper or aluminum.

We source our essential oils  and botanical ingredients carefully. Local plants are harvested in the Boreal Forest during peak seasons and are made into tinctures or oils for use in our products. The bases, essential oils and plant products we use are the best quality available. 

Product Purity
Our products are healthy for you and the environment. Much of what we apply to our skin is absorbed directly into the bloodstream. So it is important to be conscious of what you are using. We provide full product lists because we want you to be sure that are products are pure and natural.

Inspired by the elements of the Boreal Forest surrounding the Yukon, Berry Blue Toes’ products are created from only the finest organic and natural ingredients.

Our Products

Our mineral makeup line includes products for eyes, face and lips. We have many beautiful colours for you to choose from. All our cosmetics made from natural minerals, oxides and clay. It is our belief that natural beauty doesn't have to be basic. Innovative eye, cheek, and lip products are offered in a rich color palette of shades and timeless colours designed to enhance every complexion. Our full line of make-up is in our retail boutique (link). Our Solstice Mineral Makeups are 100% natural and hand blended to create unique one of a kind shades. 
Face & Body Care
Our skin care products are carefully crafted to provide gentle nourishment for all types of skin.
Hair Care
Our Solid Shampoo contain no SLS. It does contain Yukon sourced Horsetailand pure essential oils that help to strengthen your hair and nourish your scalp. 
For Men
Our men’s line of deodorant and aftershaves are formulated especially for men. We carefully select essential oils and botanicals that are masculine and unique.
Our deodorants are not anti-perspirants they will not keep you from sweating entirely. The body is meant to sweat. You will find out products do help reduce perspiration and eliminate odor using natural bases and essential oils proven to reduce sweat and elimiate odor. We’ve tested our deodorants extensively on a wide range of people and the reviews are raves - give them a try!
Botanical Apothecary
Our apothecary salves, balms, sprays, oils and salts use only natural ingredients with no preservatives, chemicals or harsh ingredients. * We use essential oils and wild sourced botanicals some of these are not recommended for pregnant women or very small children please check before using.

** Please visit our boutique for a full list of our product line *

Yes, We Make It All ~ And We Make It Locally!


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