I started my small company because as an adult I developed allergies to chemical and synthetic based beauty and bath products. Being a girly girl - I've always loved perfumes, cosmetics, bath and body products. Many of my favourite products I could no longer use when my sensitivities to fragrance and perfumes became more pronounced. Even many "natural" products had irritants that would bother me. I began researching, listening to and asking questions of people who had started making natural products before me and trying to find solutions that would work for me. 
It began with a natural deodorant, toothpaste and a body butter. After a lot of encouragement from friends and family I began to sell these products . As it turns out there are a lot of "scent"sitives out there who are looking for pure - gentle - natural products and because of this I enjoyed some very quick success and positive feedback about my initial products. 
Since then my line has grown to include a wide range of gentle products that are inspired by nature. I'm thrilled that I'm able to share products that work for me with others. I use a wide range of locally harvested botanicals in many of my products because I believe in using the freshest ingredients possible and love the idea of wild harvesting and using what we have available to us locally. I try to avoid common natural irritants and allergens (nature based or otherwise) in my products because my focus is on providing gentle products. For this reason you won't find some bases or essential oils in our line that can be found in many other natural based skin care lines. 

About Us
We are dedicated to healthy and affordable skin care products. We strive to provide our customers with quality natural personal care products they can trust. Our mission is to make quality affordable natural products people can rely on and to introduce people to the amazing healing properties of natural non-synthetic ingredients.

Canadian Owned and Operated
Canadian owned and operated. We are located in Whitehorse, Yukon Canada. Our products are manufactured locally, many contain Boreal Forest Botanical wild sourced (Yukon) ingredients.

All of our ingredients are derived from safe and renewable resources. They have not been tested on animals. Packaging is as simple as possible - excess packaging is avoided.

The healthful benefits of plants can be an intricate part of everyday life from the food we eat to the way we care for our bodies. Through promoting the use of natural botanicals and minerals as an option in beauty and health care we hope to empower our customers especially those with chemical sensitivities and allergies and encourage them to use the natural resources available to us particularly those close to home growing in abundance in the beautiful boreal forest.

We are constantly educating ourselves on new ways to run a sustainable business and help keep the earth clean and healthy, if you have any ideas you feel would help us improve please let us know.


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