Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Yukon Man Beard Oil Available at Riverside Grocery.

GET YOUR BILF ON ~ When I created Yukon Man Necessities Beard Oil almost seven years ago I had two goals in mind - it needed to be gentle and it had to work. Base oils were selected for their superior moisturizing and conditioning properties. Castor oil was added because it is known to encourage hair growth in patchy areas. Aromatherapy synergistic principles were employed with the choices of therapeutic grade essential oils used. This is a product that a lot of work/study went into and one I'm still incredibly proud of. Anyone who has ever spoken with me knows my goal is to make PURE, NATURAL, NO FUSS products that can be used and enjoyed by everyone, even those with sensitive/allergic skin. Good for you, good for your beard and good for those who snuggle up close to you too.. (*** BILF - beard I'd like to fondle)


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