Thursday, September 27, 2012


I know I've been promising to launch our full website for MONTHS now - but, life has taken over and it was put on the back burner for awhile. I'm hoping to have it done by late October. Also I'll be posting a list of ALL the craft shows we will be in for the Fall winter season soon. We have a few fun new products to announce. Including our line of smelling salts the first one is call "Sinus Salts" and is used to help with headache pain, stuffy noses from allergies or colds - it is on our shelf at the Yukon Made Store and will be at the shows this fall. It has been so popular I've decided to introduce a few more blends and will be announcing those soon. Also a lot of interest in "Sappy for Chappy Spruce Butter." I had a number of people over the summer asking if I had a sap based product and others wanting something for eczema so Sappy Chappy was born it is a blend of healing wild rosehip seed oil and rendered spruce sap that has been used traditionally for ages by native people to help with skin issues from diaper rashes, eczema, wind burned skin, psoriasis and a host of other things. Spruce sap works wonders for some people but, it can be a little strong for some people so I strongly urge you to try a sample before you buy it!
I'll be posting more soon!


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