Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Fireweed Market - In the Cooler!

Just a note to anyone who buys from the Fireweed market store. Our deodorant and toothpaste have been moved to the cooler for the summer months. The reason for this is that our deodorant and toothpaste use coconut butter as a base and are all natural with no artificial preservatives or stabilizers. Coconut butter melts at body temp so please try to keep out of the sun for the trip home :) If your deodorant or toothpaste does melt (it shouldn't unless it gets warmer than room temp there is cacao butter as a stabilizer in our deodorant which gives it a higher melting point) just pop it in the fridge to allow it to reset. These products will stay fresh for up to 6 months.
All our products are made fresh in small batches with no artificial ingredients most products will last for 6 months some for over a year.

We will be at the Atlin Music Fest next month. We'll be booth sharing with Cabin Crafts - lots of goodies. Hope to see you there!


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