Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Essential Oils

I've had a few questions from expectant mothers regarding the essential oils used in our products below is a list EOs we commonly use that should be avoided if pregnant because their concentrated aroma can cause blood thinning,  uterine cramps and contractions:
  • Clary sage - used in our Spot Off Oil
  • Sage - Used in our Deodorants
  • Clove - our toothpaste (but in small amounts)
  • Fennel - toothpaste (again in small amounts)
  • Juniper - our conditioner
  • Lemongrass - Bugger Off Bug Away Spray
  • Myrrh - toothpaste (small amounts)
  • Peppermint - toothpaste and nopoo shampoo, also in our lipbalms, lip glosses & vapo rub
  • Rosemary - Bugger Off Bug Away Spray
* please note all these oils are diluted and not at full strength. We strive to make all our products friendly to those with chemical sensitivities and allergies so no product is heavily scented with essential oils (and we never use chemical "perfume" or "fragrance"oils of any kind) - that said proceed with caution and if you are concerned please don't use these products while pregnant. 

Products to consider if pregnant... Our Rosehip Body Butter (rub on your tummy to help prevent/reduce stretch marks), unscented little healers, tea based lipbalms, mica makeups and chemical free hair spray. Shampoos and Conditioners can be made to order with lavender oil instead of mint or juniper just drop us a line to special order.


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