Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mini Pits

We've decided to sell Mr/Ms Pit Mini Sticks - sample/travel sizes so you can give The Pits a try w/o having to purchase a standard sized deodorant stick. If you think natural deodorants just don't work for you here is your chance to try one again w/o having to purchase a large stick. BTW I was someone who "needed" to use clinical strength deodorant a year ago. I have tried the crystal and a lot of natural brands on the market none of them worked for me. The Pits work on me and on my testers who willing entered into "project stinky" when I was developing this product.
Men, Women, Teens, Couch Potatoes, Computer Geek and Gym Rat/Runner/Yogi tested.
Each are $5 
(remember to bring your used tubes and jars back to us for recycling - for a discount on new purchases or refills)

BTW we are temporarily sold out of large Pits - I will have more ready by Friday!


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