Sunday, November 6, 2011

Our First Craft Show

Our first craft show was today at the Gold Rush. We will be at Christ the King Elementary in Riverdale next weekend. I'm sold out of toothpaste and am running very low on KISS Quenchers (particularly Devil's KISS and Earl Grey Tea). I've ordered more tubes but, am not sure they will be here in time for our show next weekend. Email me if you want to be put on the list - I'll have them ready within the next two weeks at the latest and can arrange for pickup in the downtown area. If you saw us today and bought deodorant keep your used tubes and I will refill them for $10. A few people were requesting body butter bars & tubes. I have a great recipe using rosehip seed oil and will have them made up asap - again contact me if you are interested and I'll add you to our order list. Thanks for coming out we had a great day :)


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