Friday, November 4, 2011

Moon Face Lotus Night Cream

Moon Face night cream is a super hydrating, gentle cream. Yukon winters can be especially hard on your skin. Infused with Egyptian Lotus oil this cream is the perfect solution to dry, chapped winter skin.

Jar: $25 (a little goes a long way)

Why Lotus Oil?
One of the more expensive aromatherapy oils for a reason. A little goes a long way. Lotus is considered a sacred flower in both Hinduism and Buddhism. It is said that one of the Buddha's sermons consisted entirely of presenting a lotus flower to the audience. Consequently, lotus essential oil is said to help promote tranquility, spiritual reflection and aid in meditation, or at least keeping your thoughts focused in the present moment, not upset about the past and worried about the future. Lotus  like frankincense is a scent that makes the body unconsciously take deeper breaths, promoting relaxation and calm (so great to use right before bed).


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