Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hip Chicks- Body Butter

Thick, rich, creamy. Just the ticket for moisturizing during our cold/dry northern winters. Made with Distilled Water, Yukon Rosehip seed oil, Virgin Kalamata Olive oil, organic Bees Wax and just a touch of essential oil for scent.
$15.00 (large tin) 
Why is Rosehip Seed Oil so good for you?
Rose hips are the seed pod left after the rose petals fall off. Rose hips are plentiful in the Yukon and a good source of vitamin C. The oil from rose hips (roa mosqueta), is full of nutrients and consists of 80 percent essential fatty acids which are involved in tissue regeneration and retinoic acid, responsible for skin rejuvenation and quickens the healing of skin damage. Studies have proven that rose hip seed oil is beneficial to the skin. In particular it is believed to reduce the appearance, of scars, stretch marks and acne scars. It is also believed to be good for dry eczema, skin burns (including sun), reduces wrinkles. It is also believed to be excellent for mature skin because of its high vitamin C content and super hydrating qualities.


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